Here, you are being invited to connect and express. Connect to life around you and express life within you.



Grief and regret are part of life, but they can leave us life-less. Anger and anxiety happen to everyone but sometimes we have no-one with whom we can express what is going on for us.

With gentle presence and clear focus therapeutic counselling can help you find your own way from overwhelm to ease, from the sense of separation to connection. Bring you back to life.

Counselling can be helpful at any time, not only in times of crisis. It may help you maintain mental and emotional wellbeing when you face life’s transitions and relationship challenges.

Pati Bielak-Smith offers professional counselling online and in person



"Practical and humane, this book is recommended for anyone caring for or about a person with dementia. Emphasises how authentic relationships are at the heart of supporting someone with dementia. Makes a compelling case for how—with a curious and empathic approach to communicating—two-way connections can be enriched over time."

—TIM BEANLAND, PhD, Head of Knowledge, Alzheimer’s Society

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Training in compassionate communication (NVC) is an opportunity to learn in a group context about ways of relating which create harmony and mutual understanding.

"I really loved the way you teach with such humour - we all had a great time.
I felt such a friendliness and openness in the group, and I loved how you kept us involved all day long - never just lecturing us... good fun." A care worker

"The thing I remember the most from the workshop was positive atmosphere and good contact with the group. I've learned better ways of dealing with difficult situations; new perspective and new way of looking at the clients." A customer service employee